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Day Seven

This morning when I turned on my computer, I was surprised by a new development.
You see, I use a program called iSpy Instant Messenger. It’s a neat program that allows you to chat with all the secret government agents who have hacked into your machine.
Up until the shutdown, I had frequent conversations with NSABob about barbecuing. He’s an avid outdoor cooker, and has three different rigs to cook on, but I digress (it’s because I miss him).
Today, I see two new folks in the messenger window, one from Russia and one from China. Unfortunately for me, neither of them was interested in chatting about food or cats or even boating. They seemed confused about my inquiries, and eventually both of them asked me to shut up and let them get back to work. Bah on your work ethics.
I hope congress gets this funding thing worked out soon, I really do miss Bob. I also want to hear how his triple-cheese portobello burgers turned out.

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