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Day Nine

I have not mowed the grass in several weeks, mainly because I saw this coming and decided stockpiling gas was necessary. The lawn-nazi neighbor has been giving me the stink-eye for the last few days. He’s mowed three times since this thing started. Buddy, you’ll be sorry when your gas is gone, so don’t come begging for mine.
In other news, I received a real snail-mail letter from NSABob today. He says he’s usually not allowed to correspond like that, but his supervisor was furloughed and he thought he could get away with it. Anyway, the reason he hasn’t been on iSpy is because his hard drive crashed and their IT department is focused on “bigger fish” at the moment. I’m just glad to hear he’s still ok.
Oh, and his portobello burgers were delicious, and he’ll be sending the recipe as soon as his PC is up an running again.

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