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“I won dungeons and dragons… and it was advanced!”


I got to play (er, DM) some Dungeons and Dragons this past weekend.  I really don’t get to play that often, this was my second game session this year.  When I do play, I always thoroughly enjoy it.  I also tend to go a little crazy in the days and weeks following.  Out comes the big file box and the computer to organize things or come up with the next adventure.  This time, it was my quick reference materials that snagged my attention.  My current setup consists of hand-written 3×5 index cards to keep track of initiative and conditions, half-sheet cards for monster stats, odd-shaped cards with basic PC stats, and the adventure.  My solution was to combine the first three on 4×6 single index cards.  Here is the near-final design of the front side:



The opposite side contains the remaining abilities, skills, and equipment.  I can arrange the cards overlapping each other with the left-column visible on each card and have the most critical numbers visible and in order of initiative.  There is space to keep note of initiative, hp, and conditions.  Monster cards are green, PC cards are blue, and trap cards are red.

Now I need another session to figure out how this system will fail.

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