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The Day We Fight Back

Today many websites have organized together to send a message to those once charged with our protection:

You exceeded the authority granted you by the people.  You lied and obfuscated when your actions were exposed.  You have displayed no outward intention of making any meaningful changes to your behavior.  You are able to monitor who/what/where/when we call/text/e-mail/browse with minimal oversight and virtually no true accountability.  The true extent of these invasions is yet to be revealed, but every new detail to emerge is terrifying and disturbing.

Today we are standing up together to say no more.

These sites are joining together to send a message but to also ask you for support.  For the rest of the day, somewhere on this page you will see a “TODAY WE FIGHT BACK” banner that will give you quick and easy access to contact your legislators in support of new laws to curtail mass surveillance.  I encourage you to do so.

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