Sturdley's Magical Mystical Blog

Musings on life, liberty, and the pursuit of derpiness.


About Me

I live in southeastern Michigan and work as an electrical engineer designing audio systems for automobiles.  I’m a husband, a parent, an avid gamer, and a pretty good cook.  I have a number of varied interests that includes, among other things, fishkeeping, camping, grilling/smoking meats, computers, and genealogy.  I also have some very geeky tastes in music and entertainment.

Who is Sturdley?

Sturdley has been my online name for so many years and in so many different games and fora that I decided to carry the name into my own blog.  The origin of the name was an already deceased NPC in a quiet corner of a decrepit castle in a Dungeons and Dragons game I played many years ago.  One day I may even tell the tale of the original “Sturdly” and the magical mystery surrounding his demise.

About Sturdley’s Magical Mystical Blog

I have no single purpose or focused topic intended for this blog.  First and foremost, I want a place to write about interesting non-engineering stuff.  I hope to be entertaining and enlightening.

You will see posts about food, cooking, books, gaming, hobbies, and various random thoughts that come into my head.  From time to time, I may write about things that infuriate, confuse, amuse, or mystify me.  On rare occasions, you may even see an attempt to troll the internet.

I hope that whatever the topic, you will take the opportunity to engage in discussion.  That’s why there’s room for comments.

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I hope you enjoy your time here.  I welcome your questions, suggestions, and comments, so please feel free to Contact Me or post a comment.