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What is Derpiness?

When I started creating this blog I needed a brief one-line description of what it was about.  I started out with the famous line from the Declaration of Independence, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  I quickly decided using that quote in its original form was completely uninteresting and I needed to come up with something better, but only minutely so.

That’s when I realized we’re not really pursuing happiness, at least not when viewed by others.  I mean how often do we look at our friends and family and think, “how can that idiocy make you happy?!”  Yet there they go merrily along; they must at least think they’re happy, right?  But from this side of the fence it looks like something else entirely.  This something else is what I call derpiness.  The amazing thing is that most of the time these people not only are oblivious to their blatant derpiness, they pursue it with vigor.

It’s a made-up word rooted in the colloquialism derp, which is used as a retort or commentary when someone does or says something completely stupid.  Not only are we all capable of derpiness, we are often guilty of it, too.  Don’t be ashamed, embrace your inner derp!