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Who is Fifty

As a life-long Sci-Fi fan, I came to the Doctor Who party quite late. A friend had been watching the new series for a while and repeatedly tried to get me interested. I did try watching at one point, but the Slitheen family stopped me in my tracks. My wife took to watching episodes during my WoW raids and I found myself having difficulty paying attention to the game. That was in 2012; now I am not only fully hooked, I am caught up on the new series and have been watching the old series (almost to the end of the Pertwee years).

Just in time, too. The 50th anniversary year is shaping up to be quite a thing. Series 7 included quite a few little reminders from the old series, whether it was returning monsters or just something mentioned in the dialogue. The season ender came with a surprise lead-in for the 50th anniversary special episode: John Hurt as The Doctor. Trailers came out last week and pretty much confirmed that the Time War is part of the story. We also got a special treat with a mini-episode showing the last minutes of the 8th doctor and his regeneration into Hurt’s Doctor.

With all the rumors, secrets, deceptions and denials about who is involved and what will happen, I am still not sure what to expect come Saturday except that it will be new and exciting.